Colorado Pinball Locations

Website last updated 02/26/2015

Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2015 June 12-14th Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows
10345 Park Meadows Dr., Lone Tree, CO 80124 (I-25 and Lincoln Ave.)

I’ve put this site together as an up-to-date reference for all places to play pinball commercially in Denver, surrounding suburbs, and towns.

If you are interested in serious play and playing with some of the best in Colorado (tournaments, leagues (LCP only), and well-maintained machines), check out the listings below for
Lyons:Lyons Classic Pinball (LCP) (monthly tournament, 10-week league, retro arcade at Lyons Classic Video (in basement of Oskar Blues Brewery located next door))
Denver: The 1Up-Lodo and the The 1up-Colfax (monthly tournaments and best retro arcade in Colorado, milehighpinballleague)
Fort Collins Pinball Jones(monthly tournament), Tap and Handle and Chippers Lanes North
Idaho Springs: Flipper McGills
Lakewood: Cuckoo’s Nest (milehighpinballleague), Pub on Colfax
Louisville Tilt (league and tournaments coming soon)
Boulder: Abo’s Pizza, BackCountry Pizza, Press Play
Black Hawk: Dory Hills Campground (campout tournament in Sept)

Another location is Arcade Amusements in Manitou Springs which is an arcade that’s been around since 1908 which has a large selection particular of older games (50’s-80’s) and a few recent titles.

There are other websites where you can get this information but this is also to list the places that have one or two machines that might not be known otherwise. Also the quality of the machines is described if gameplay is less than desired. Please refer to the establishments’ websites when applicable for the latest information. Please help me keep this information up to date. If the pin is working less than desired, please report to the establishment’s owner. I have found most are accommodating. Mail any updates to Doug at

Make sure to support these establishments and thank them for having pinball.

Note: You should always call ahead if you plan on bringing children with you particularly if the establishment sells liquor.

This following site is another representation of the data in alphabetical order by machine and is publicly updatable. It is also now includes a map with GPS ballon markers for locations! I have however on this site included the yellow pages’ name for the establishment, additional machine and establishment information, and phone numbers here.

If folks send me the high score at a location with initial besides those places which already keep track of their high scores (e.g. Lyons Classic Pinball), I will post them here.

1Up, The 10/12/14
1925 Blake Street
(all regularly maintained, several with new LED kits. Also this is the BEST retro arcade (I counted over 20 games) with the selection of video games and in a large playing area so it’s not hot at all. Ok for kids under 16 before 7pm. Open at 11am (F-Sun) otherwise open at 3pm on other days. Summer hours during baseball season (open at 11am every day) But they don’t like hearing country music on their jukebox. Occasionally vendor switches out ROMs which wipes grand champ scores on machines.)
AC/DC (Premium version, awesome game)
Addams Family, The
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Doctor Who
Getaway, High Speed II
Indiana Jones (Stern)
Iron Man
Lord of the Rings
Medieval Madness
Metallica (Master of Puppets LE)
South Park
Star Trek (Stern)
Tales from the Crypt
Tron Legacy
Walking Dead, The (brand new)
Wizard of Oz (lower factory preset scores, finally able to put my initial on the leaderboard)
tournament first Sunday of every month at 6pm

3 Kings Tavern 06/12/13
21+ ONLY
60 S. Broadway
Several games in tournament mode for cash. Games regularly serviced
Avatar (reg maintained)
Banzai Run (reg maintained)
Last Action Hero (flippers seem week especially during MB, regularly maintained)
Medieval Madness (reg maintained)
Skateball (reg maintained)
Vendor: Pro player and game vendor

621Battery 01/21/15
621 Kalamath
Terminator 2 (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

Black Sky Brewer 12/4/14
490 Santa Fe Drive
Avengers (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

Bushwackers Saloon 06/10/13
1967 S Broadway
Family Guy (death target takes time to go all the way down and raise center post which is unlit, seems like extended MB with center post up leading to easy play and jacked scores, left stewie flip is weak-hard to make LOIS ramp with it else ok)
Vendor: Games People Play

Cafe Carioca 09/07/14
2060 Champa Street
303 296 1250
Sopranos (safe hits, forge’ abou di’, left flipper weak)
Vendor:Chas, Jester’s Amusements

Cherry Cricket 06/15/13
2641 E. 2nd Ave
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (RPG does not fire ping pong ball everything else to work)
Vendor: Entertainment Experts (merged with J E & S)

College Inn 10/01/14
4400 East 8th Avenue
303 329-9532‎
Family Guy (beer can doesn’t register hits all the time, left stewie flipper is weak, been this way for over a year)
Vendor: Entertainment Experts (merged with J E & S)

Compound Bassix 11/07/14
145 Broadway
Nascar (condition unknown)
Vendor: unknown

Corona Laundry & Dry Cleaners 11/01/14
847 N Corona Street
303 831-9057
Avengers (HULK targets were not resetting. Tesseract cube is off spinner and loose on playfield making for some interesting dynamic play)
Vendor: Subcontractor of J E & S

Denver Eagle 04/18/12
1475 36th Street
303 291-0250
Very gay, leather bar
Star Wars Episode I (no tilt, left slingshot dead)
Vendor: Games People Play?

Denver Wrangler, The 011/25/13
1700 Logan Street
303 837 1075
Gay bar, nice folks, open at 11am.
Champion Pub (boxer does not turn so no fistacuffs nor hits on boxer, not sure center post is popping up any more but still very playable)
Vendor: ?

El Charrito 11/25/13
2100 Larimer Street
303 523-1688
Big Hurt, Frank Thomas (1/13: just shopped)
Bride of Pinbot(1/13: cleaned and relamped, plays nicely)
Elvira and the Party Monsters (still there, cleaned and relamped, plays nicely)
Vendor: self-owned

Horseshoe Lounge 11/25/13
414 E 20th Ave
303 832-1180
AC/DC LE (still there)
Vendor: Harold ?.

Jason Billards 07/23/13
2200 S Monaco Pkwy
Usually open when kids are out school. Can be very smoky. Games are pushed in the corner and turned off. Ask front desk if you want to play. Condition of these games is unknown.
Eight Ball
Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Lethal Weapon 3

Lions Lair 06/15/13
2022 E Colfax Ave
303 320 9200
F-14 Tomcat (worn machine and is in a dimly lit area)
Vendor: Games People Play???

Merchants Mile High Saloon 07/06/14
2014 S. University Blvd.
Spider-Man (reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro-player and licensed LLC vendor (DNO)

New York Pizza Pub 07/27/13
4340 W 35th Ave
Game pulled, owner working with vendor for a new pin
Vendor: Entertainment Experts (merged with J E & S)

Nicolo’s Pizza 06/15/13
1205 E. 13th Ave
Addams Family, The (plays great, 3 games for $1)
Fish Tales (plays great)
Guys who work there are very into pinball

Pie Hole 09/07/14
44 S. Broadway
Dr. Who (time expander switch must be closed as I hear it registering hits during normal gamleplay, reg. maintained)
Lord of the Rings (reg. maintained)
Ripley’s Believe It or Not (reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro-player and LLC vendor (Marco)

Punch Bowl 06/15/13
65 Broadway
Batman, The Dark Knight (nice LEDs, updated ROM $0.75)
Dirty Harry (metal diverter open on ramp, ball stuck behind there)
Located upstairs; this area is open after 4pm
Vendor:Mile High Arcade

Quixote’s True Blue 05/29/12
2151 Lawrence St
303 366-6492
Open after 4pm
Rolling Stones, The Limited Edition (#173 of 350, better than standard version with powerball, pop-up post between flippers, double scoring, and more Rolling Stones songs. Very liberal tilt so take it easy Austin!)
Vendor: Mountain Vending/Mile High Arcade

Ram Lounge, The 04/30/14
5026 E Colfax Ave
Creature from the Black Lagoon (Terrible shape, barely playable, ball gets stuck, machine cant find it)
(comment from pinballrebel site: best/worst dive bar in Denver)

Roo Bar 11/25/13
3480 Park Ave W
Denver, CO
Transformers LE ($1 game, plays fine)

Rosa Mia 12/19/14
4395 Yates St
Attack from Mars (in back, t target not register, saucer target not raise so saucer hole scores lock, tilt very liberal)
Vendor: Harold ?

Sigi Pool Hall and Arcade 05/13/14
900 Auraria Parkway (in the Tivoli Student Union lower Floor near eatery)
Open M-TH only 9am-5pm
Vendor: They has vendor pull pins. They are looking to buy a pin for fall semester.

Skylark Lounge 8/28/10
140 S Broadway
303 722 7844
The Simpsons- Data East (OOR )
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (OOR)
Swing Along (upstairs, Gottlieb, out of order)
Beach Time (upstairs, Bally, bartender says has never worked)
Owners looking for someone to repair their games
Game room is only open (upstairs) on Friday and Saturdays
Vendor: self owned

Strange Brewing 11/29/14
1330 Zuni Unit 8
Terminator 2 (reg maintained, needs drink holder as no place to set beer except on table with other patrons)
Great beer and eye candy. Try the Cherry Stout!
Vendor: Marco (Pro player and LLC game vendor)

Taqueria Mexico 01/30/15
3800 W. Colfax Ave
Striker Extreme (condition unknown, only one in CO commercially as far as I know)
Vendor: ?

Tooey’s off Colfax 02/26/15
1521 Marion Street
303 586-5075
Medieval Madness (reg. maintained)
Metallica Pro (reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro player and game vendor

The 1up-Colfax 12/23/13
717 E Colfax Ave
AC/DC Premium
Addams Family, The
Attack from Mars (color DMD)
Guns n Roses
Johnny Mnemonic
Lord of the Rings
Medieval Madness
Metallica (Master of Puppets LE)
Monster Bash
Pirates of the Caribbean
South Park
Simpsons Pinball Party, The
Tales from the Crypt
Twilight Zone
WWF Royal Rumble
Owner of games: Jon Jamshid (Games serviced, but not shopped by Dan Gutchess)
Open 3pm-2am
No one under 21 allowed.

United Artists Denver Pavilion 04/21/12
500 16Th Street #310
Austin Powers (tokens, Frickin’ laser does not load (operator coil alert) and ramp does raise high enough to enter frickin’ time machine. Oh and Mini-Me?, stop humping the laser!.)
Vendor: ?

Washway Laundry 10/01/14
7150 Leetsdale Drive
303 333-5214
Whirlwind (yellow cellar light and NW target is loose that can fall and partially block cellar hole but plays ok otherwise, has had these symptoms for a long time, upper ramp is tough to make)
Vendor: ?
DUG: 10M

Zanzibar Billards Club 05/13/14
2046 Larimer Street
303 308 9999
Ripley’s Believe It or Not (stuck idol switch, DMD almost gone, right ramp does not send ball to left return)
Vendor : ?
Denver suburbs

Charlie’s Web 06/24/14
Austin Powers (worn game, flips can be weak especially right for making laser, laser can load when it shouldn’t, laser only fires on way back)
8364 Sheridan Blvd
303 412 8120
Vendor: ?

Chuck E. Cheese’s 10/7/13
9301 Ralston Rd
303 425 5926
Roller Coaster Tycoon (Needs lots work, handyman target not register so no fun mode, flying turns ramps do not register (so no extra ball or multiball- multiball can only be started with top hole), little left flipper dead, map and skills shot scoop not register).
Vendor: Self-owned and serviced

Note: There are other Chuck E Cheeses in Colorado, see for numbers and information. However, I was told recently that the stores have a policy not to give out information such as this.

Gunther Toody’s 11/19/14
7335 Ralston Road
303 422 1954
Placed closed for business. Not sure if LOTR that was here will be moved elsewhere.
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim)

Rock-a-billies 07/05/14
12363 W 64th Ave
Rolling Stones (don’t both, game didn’t want to release ball right away – pinball missing, then released one and then a second while first in play and then flippers would go dead)
Vendor: Entertainment Experts (JE&S merged with them)

Sideways Sports Lounge 09/15/14
9134 W 88th Ave
Wizard of Oz- Emerald City LE #394 (AND YOU game vendor, need to repair the wizard switch as keeps awarding letters allowing one to rack up several extra balls, strict tilt, $1 game)

Century Aurora 01/25/13
(reopening, not sure if they will still have pinball)
14300 East Alameda Avenue
303 363-0300‎
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (11/11:Moe’s tavern not register, tilt off so you can shake yourself a Bart skateboard award, ball got stuck on left return rollover else plays fine)
Vendor: ?

Challengers Sport Bar & Restaurant 10/01/14
12161 E Iliff Avenue
303 750-5558
Transformers(lock mechanism is not the best-sometimes ball does not register unless you really shake game, tilt is off so monkey ball galore, game has been there for at least two years)
Vendor: King Coin

Chuck E. Cheese’s 1/24/10
14005 E. Exposition Ave
Pirates of the Caribbean (Right flipper is too weak to make tortuga disk and got weaker with play. Chest does not award K-E-Y letters but awards jackpots, multiball, opens chest etc. otherwise. Otherwise was fine. 1 quarter. Machine and LED (holding high scores) mentions token given for certain score/top score but the store knows nothing about it.)
Vendor: self owned and serviced

Pitchers Sports Restaurant 10/01/14
1670 S Chambers Rd
303 751-7115
Batman Forever(bat cannon not working so ball so can get stuck there. When one ball is there, it negates launcher gun switch. Fortunately, game can be lifted on hind legs to release ball from cannon without tilting)
Vendor: J E & S

Jerry’s Bar and Grill 3/6/12
130 N. Main Street
WhoDunnit? (left flipper slightly extended, lit ramp/orbit most often does not register for roof game so does not light phone to complete (but occasionally I’ve seen it light on its own), left return lane from elevator gets ball stuck on wire (tilt to release), otherwise all else works)
Vendor: JE&S?

Buenos Tiempos 11/13/14
1000 Depot Hill Rd Ste I
Guns n Roses (RO targets do not rise. Not sure Slash loop registering. Else plays fine)
Vendor:Harold ?

Big Choice Brewing 11/13/14
7270 W 118th Pl
Dirty Harry (condition unknown)
Vendor: Steve Trujillo? Game upstairs.

Bumper’s Grill 11/13/14
135 Nickel St
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (don’t bother, GI out, DMD unreadable, top hole sometimes does not register anything)
Vendor: Husband and wife team, last name Feathers

Chico’s Mexican Food 02/08/12
12920 Lowell Blvd
Roller Coaster Tycoon (rightmost dummy target broken, it and center dummy drop target do not reset, sometimes I noticed that Flying Ghost does not register, a ball can stuck in snack bar allowing one to rape game in MB modes, also map and skill shot into scoop can award extra ball if let but otherwise everything else works and very playable. DMD can occasionally go out and game reset on me last time after completing park tycoon MB.)
MOM: 66M
Vendor: self-owned and serviced. May be looking to sell if price is right.

Wonderland Brewing Co 12/6/14
5450 W. 120th Ave
Nascar (plays fine, great LEDs)
Vendor: ? Great beer, ping pong, cornhole bags, tournaments.

Abo’s Pizza 02/08/14
7475 East Arapahoe Road
303 468-4700‎
Batman (Data East. DMD half gone so can’t see score but everything seems to work)
Last Action Hero (game can lose track of ball and takes ball search to launch new ball, rt flipper looks like it needs service soon, some lights out like chicken and scoops else seems to play fine)
Vendor: ?

Celebrity Lanes 03/11/12
15401-15739 E. Arapahoe Road
Big Buck Hunter (lounge upstairs, tilt is off)

Casual Lounge 6/10/13
65 W. Floyd
303 789 9336
Medieval Madness (believe this game came from Castle Bar. Was fast there, is fast here. Left troll does not raise else seems ok)
No Fear (Good I guess if you like playing monkey ball as tilt off and unsturdy on legs, in dark area of bar so hard to see but everything still well)
Vendor: Bret ?

Chuck E. Cheese’s 9/18/10
1001 W. Hampden Ave
Nascar (currently down, cramped playing space, 1 token)
Vendor: self-owned and serviced

Moe’s Barbeque (formerly The Falcon) 07/31/13
3295 S. Broadway
303 781 0414
Dimly light upstairs. Although the game vendor is a really nice guy and he runs the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown, he admitted that he can’t service these games like he used to. Myself and several others have gone to this arcade and left not felling great about the games. Sorry, just being honest.
Addams Family, The (game faults during play and ends game)
Breakshot (plays fine)
Creature From the Black Lagoon (plays fine)
Funhouse (was turned off)
NBA FastBreak (no crazy bob light, no ping pong ball else plays fine)
Star Wars (Data East) (turned off)
Surf n Safari (plays fine)
Wizard of Oz ($1 game, ball save turned off, updated ROM so everything works, only thing I saw ball can fall out off castle to rollovers with Capture Dorothy mechanism)

Gunther Toody’s 11/11/12
9220 East Arapahoe Road
303 799 1958
Lord of the Rings (DMD gone, ring magnet not working so can’t start a Ring Mode game, or earn Frodo, or Destroy the Ring. Game can start a ring game on its own. Poor track record for repair – the machine has had the same issues for over a year.)
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim)

Abo’s Pizza 06/10/14
720 Austin AV # B
303 828-9777
Star Trek- Pro (brand new)
Vendor: J E & S

Gunther Toody’s 05/15/13
4500 East Alameda
303 399 1959
Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Shrunken head does not award lit value nor capture ball and kick ball upwards. Switch is stuck as shrunken head award (e.g., Bigfoot for North America MB) can be given when ball is near idol or left sling. Ball can get stuck on side of magnet during multi-ball. This location doesn’t have a decent repair track record; When the vendor was asked to fix the game by the store’s manager she was told “Tell people not to play the game” :(
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim K.)

Caution Brewery 06/16/14
1057 S Wadsworth Blvd #60
Street Fighter II (right hole can be a drain if not careful else great, nice LEDs, heuahhh!!!)
Vendor: The 119 Route

Century Belmar 16 11/26/13
440 South Teller Street
303 935-3238
X-men (Condition unknown Tell front desk you wish to play the machines as beyond ticket gate.)
Vendor: ?

Cuckoo’s Nest 06/15/14
7893 W Jewell Avenue
303 988 9893
AC/DC (Back in Black LE)
Addams Family, The
Eight Ball Deluxe
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Vendor: Pro Player and game vendor
This place runs a milehighpinballleague at 07:30pm on Tuesdays. Email for details.
Pintoberfest pinball tournament last weekend in October. See link at top of page.

Dive Bar 11/21/14
11810 W. Colfax Ave
Dirty Harry (reg. maintained. I know a great place to play this game. Here.)
Vendor: Pro-player and LLC vendor (DNO)

Green Fields Bar 02/27/13
3355 S Yarrow Street 101
303 989 9820
Avatar (reg. maintained)
Medieval Madness(reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro-player and LLC vendor (DNO)

Holiday Bowling & Banquets 07/05/14
10350 W Colfax Avenue
303 238 0407
Congo (plays fine, reg maintained)
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (reg maintained)
Vendor: Pro player and game vendor (Marco)

Ironwork Brewery and Pub 07/06/14
12354 W Alameda Pkwy
Banzai Run (reg. maintained)
Dirty Harry(reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro-player and LLC game vendor (DNO)
Place opens at 3pm

Lakewood Grill and Bar 07/05/14
8100 W Colfax Avenue
303 237-8051
Nascar (DMD and some lights on playfield were out when I arrived. Powercycled and it came back)
Pirates of the Caribbean (some lights out else playable)
Simpsons Pinball Party (tv mode light out but reg. maintained)
Terminator 2 (ball can get stuck to left of top rollover- believe not level side to side, very liberal tilt for this as can shake lose, playable)
Vendor: Entertainment Experts (JE&S merged with them)

Pub on Colfax 07/08/14
7785 W. Colfax Ave
Attack from Mars (great sound, all games built into wood frame to prevent lots of movement and to keep level, reg. maintained)
Dracula (Bram Stoker, great, wolves back on normal mode (thanks))
Family Guy (great)
Sopranos (great)
vendor: Pro player and game vendor (Marco)

Red Rocks Community College 09/18/11
13300 W. 6th Ave
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (playing sweet)

Thirsty Bear 05/25/14
2595 S Lewis Way
South Park (condition unknown)
vendor: ?

White Fence Farm 8/12/11
6263 W Jewell Avenue
303 935-5945, evening hours
F-14 Tomcat (GI repaired, a couple letters out up top A in CAT and O in TOP. Very dark machine and the game room is not well lit so this game is hard to play. I could never get a plunge shot to enter into the first two rail returns – always went to the last one. Else looks and plays well.)
Monopoly (stuck cop switch at times leads to outrageous high scores, right flipper can stay extended at time, no auto launch during multiball, ball will get stuck at the top of right return, bank door does not immediately open when you lit lock, at other times when door is open and not in a mini-game entering the bank seems to do nothing. Rest of machine works.)
Vendor: Universal Sales Inc.

Abo’s Pizza 05/25/14
2229 Wildcat Reserve Parkway
303 470-9999
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (5/12 dirty, 14 moe ramps for extra ball, top “light” target seems hard to register else fine)
Vendor: Husband and wife team, last name Feathers

Draft Sports Grill 01/25/14
9150 West Cross Drive
303 932 8845
Batman, the Dark Knight (left flipper dead but great LEDs and things seemed working with what I could hit with one flipper)
Vendor: ?

Dubb’s Pub 07/06/14
5301 S Broadway
Metallica Pro(reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro-player and LLC vendor (DNO)

Fun City 01/25/14
formerly Mr. Biggs
9670 W Coal Mine Ave
303 972-4344
Pirates of the Caribbean (suprisingly good shape, no H-E-A-R-T lights in open chest and some tortuga lights out, clean, but I was able to activate all features including four winds MB, plays great including both skill shots, $1 for 5/balls (do not buy tokens), upstairs in bowling alley)

Gunther Toody’s 02/12/12
8266 West Bowles
303 932 1957
Lord of the Rings (game is tilting on its own – ball into launch lane causes danger warning, DMD is fair, some lights out including ring mode, Even though there is a spinner not sure you can destroy the ring on this game, JR got 1:38 Destroy the Ring- must have gotten when spinner was present on game. Otherwise the games works well.)
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim)

North Shores 01/25/14
7444 W. Chatfield Ave.
303 972 8611
Elvis(left lower flipper dying, magnet does not work during Blue Seude Shoes, Heartbreak Door didn’t seem to want to open all of the time, not sure Hound Dog target registering all the time, no dog toy, been this way no matter what location it shows up at)
Vendor: J E & S

Lone Tree
Chuck E. Cheese 09/25/11
7510 E Parkway Drive
Roller Coaster Tycoon (back of drop target not register for mini-game – if you don’t trip the rollover above the target (which does start the mini-game), ball will get stuck there and need to lift game on hind legs to trip rollover to free, no skill shot or snack bar award – awards map value, lock stopped registering on Chicago Loop shot, ball will not trip rollover above little left flipper most times and even when it does, the snack bar does not award when the scoop shot is made, 1 token, liberal tilt)
Vendor: self-owned and serviced

Abo’s Pizza 01/26/15
2145 East 120th Avenue
303 450-2267‎
Wheel of Fortune (plays great, only one at a commercial place in CO as far as I know)
Vendor: Husband and wife (last name Feathers)

Castaways Lounge 06/17/13
451 W 84th Avenue
303 430-7089
Shadow, The (battlefield flipper does not work, top right flipper can be weak, been this way since Feb 2012)
Vendor: Games People Play

Gunther Toody’s 08/16/14
301 W 104th Ave
Elvis (left flipper dying at times, coin mechs either not registering credit(right) or occasionally eating coins(lft), GT games take a lot of abuse from kids constantly batting flippers. Very dirty, several lights out. There are no lights above the top rollovers so you can’t see the WLVS on the indicators. Note: a fast ball down right outlane will sometimes bounce back into play off of the collar compared to other Elvis machines I have played. Games have poor track record of repair; it’s hit or miss and most often, miss)
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim)
High Score: DAK 634M

Gunther Toody’s 06/18/13
16755 N. Washington St
303 451-1950
Ripley’s Believe It or Not (don’t bother, ripley’s scoop not awarding from front and game losing track of ball, boomerang most times also does not award (takes ball search to find), poor repair record, the following have been issues with this game for well over a year: left flipper needs servicing as gets too weak to do anything, top right flipper is also very weak, no auto launch on right launcher lane for any continent multiball modes allowing player to “rape” game with one ball with other(s) sit in launcher, when penguin jackpot lit the little post up top doesn’t pop-up, penguin or adv tombstone light on right orbit, ripley’s arrow does not light, else plays ok and all features work. Strict tilt! Ball gets stuck easily above lower right bumper.)
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim)
High Score: ALQ: 86M

Westminster 12/05/14
10710 Westminster Blvd
another pin supposedly coming
Vendor: ?

Wheat Ridge

Long Shots 6/12/13
4400 Ward Road
Iron Man (reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro-player and LLC vendor

Surrounding towns
Mishawaka Inn 01/14/14
13714 Poudre Canyon Rd
970 482 4420
NBA FastBreak (shopped, looks and plays greet. Nice quaint little bar and grill in mountains. Nice game room with pool and foosball)

Blackhawk 2/3/13
Dory Hills Campground
661 Golden Gate Canyon Road (Hwy 46)
303 582-9979
Tournament-campout held in Sept only
All games just shopped
Black Knight (reg maintained)
Motordome (reg maintained)
SuperSonic (great)
Vendor: The 119 Route

Roy’s Last Shot 6/16/13
18260 Hwy 119
Dirty Harry (regularly maintained)
Spider-Man (regularly maintained)
Vendor: Pro-player and LLC vendor (DNO/Marco)

Abo’s Pizza 04/27/14
637 S Broadway Street
303 494-1274
Simpsons Pinball Party (plays fine)
South Park (repaired)
Terminator 2
All games in great shape maintained by Lyons Classic Pinball. See information
Vendor: Lyons Classic Pinball

Backcountry Pizza 11/13/14
2319 Arapahoe Avenue
303 449 4285
AC/DC Premium (reg maintained)
High Speed
Star Trek pro
XMen pro (latest software)
Vendor: The 119 Route
monthly tournament, last/4th Sunday of every month 5pm

Century Boulder Movie Theater 12/23/13
1700 Twenty Ninth St.
303 444 0722
Metallica (plays like new)

Colorado University-The Connection 01/03/13
1669 Euclid Ave (in the UMC)
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (11/10; very dirty, many problems, sometimes playable, sometimes not )
South Park (eats quarters)
Vendor: ?

DP Dough 04/19/13
1622 Broadway Street
X-Men Pro (great)
More pins to come!

Harpo’s Sports Grill 06/26/13
2860 Arapahoe Ave
303 444-9464
Avengers (plays fine)
Vendor: Entertainment Experts (merged with JE&S)

Larry’s Boot Fitting 04/02/11
2709 Spruce Street
These games are not open to public except during busy ski season when they have a lot of people in there, they will turn them on (Oct-March)
Demolition Man (reg. maintained)
Snow Derby (reg. maintained)
Lucky Strike (reg. maintained)
FunHouse (reg. maintained)
Vendor: Pro player (K.Ryan)

Lazy Dog Bar and Grill 08/03/13
1346 Pearl St
303 440 3355
AC/DC (downstairs, seems fine)
Family Guy (GI out on lower playfield else seems ok)
A couple multicade games there as well. May have to ask to go downstairs before 4pm.

Pearl Street Pub 5/02/12
1108 Pearl St
303 939-9900
Playboy (6/10: Stern, naughty version, centerfold lock shots do not register-ball sits on post under ball search finds but does not award lock so no centerfold multiball, auto-launch dead such that allows one to play multiball (PJ party and Mansion Multibal) with 1 ball and get inflated score,also shots into grotto from the bottom never sit in hole to award and instead go to top rollovers, the only time I got a grotto award was when it bounced into the hole at the top, everything else works)
Vendor: J E & S

Press Play 8/17/13
1005 Pearl Street
AC/DC Premium
Indiana Jones
Terminator 2
Tron Legacy
5pm-2am (25 arcade games too, booze)
Vendor:Mile High Arcade

Time Warp Comics & Games 07/27/12
3105 28th Street
303 443-4500‎
Rocky and Bullwinkle (left hole can be a SDTM drain upon kickout else fine, coin mechs not working when we were there but worker put credits on there for us)
Time Warp (banana flippers, turned off)
Vendor: Pinball Jones

Twisted Pine Brewing Company 01/07/10
3201 Walnut St. Suite A
303 786 9270
If you enjoyed the pins there, please encourage the owners to bring back when the weather is warmer.
Vendor: Conrad McCarty. Thanks Conrad for the great games!

Brooklyn’s Tavern and Billiards 07/18/14
500 S. Main Street (la cima mall)
970 453 3001
X-men (condition unknown)
Evening hours. Vendor: ?

Historic Brown Hotel and Restaurant 05/13/10
208 S Ridge Street
970 453-0084‎ (no answer but still voice mail)
Monster Bash (condition unknown, evening hours after 8pm)
Vendor: ?

Downstairs at Eric’s 05/03/13
111 S. Main
970 453 1401
Avengers (plays fine, $1, 3 games for $2)
Star Trek (Stern, game can lose track of balls them release two into launcher/game when it shouldn’t. Else fine. $1, 3 games for $2)
Vendor : ?

Canon City
McClure’s Saloon 11/13/13
117 North 4th Street
719 275-5029‎
Revenge from Mars (condition unknown)
Vendor: J E & S

Central City
Easy Street 01/19/15
120 Stuart St # Main
303 582-5914
Revenge from Mars (blue light out on video, some shots (orbits, rollovers) don’t register all the time but playable)
Vendor: Serviced by Easy Street Arcade. Lower floor.

Colorado Springs
Arcade Amusements (Manitou Springs) 05/24/14
930 Manitou Ave
Located in three buildings, amongst a huge arcade of other games that’s been there since 1908. For the most part, the games played well.

Air Aces (5 ball game, plays fine)
Aladin’s Castle (plays fine)
Big Deal (in another building and for sale)
Breakshot (plays fine 5/14)
Captain Fantastic (2 machines. One with newer pins plays better. The other one is turned off)
Champ (5 ball game, plays ok)
CSI (plays fine 5/14)
Fireball (5 ball game, plays fine)
Game Show (Bally, plays fine but some lights out, hard to see in daylight)
GoldBall( Bally, plays fine)
Honey (5 ball game, plays ok, some lights out)
Jumpin’ Jack’s (5 ball game, plays ok)
Lord of the Rings (left flipper seems weak to hit ring shot at times)
Mata Hari (one bump dead else fine)
Motor Dome (plays fine)
Mustang (brand new $1 a game; $2 for three games)
Nascar (great 5/14)
Operation Thunder (plays fine)
Power Play (plays fine, center post not always coming up?)
Rocket (5 cent, 5 ball game, plays great)
Rack-a-ball (5 ball game, 10 cent game, plays fair)
Revenge from Mars (plays fine, fast game 7/12)
Rollergames (plays ok, magnet works 5/14)
Silverball Mania(some lamps out, else plays fine)
Smart Set (5 ball game. plays ok, intermittent tilting 2/27/11)
Star Wars Trilogy (Sega, X wing missing,else plays fine 5/14)
Star Trek The Next Generation (left flipper does not interact with DMD (opening choice for skill shot, selection of 25M on Light Holodeck, or steer left on Shuttle Simulation) 5/14 else plays fine)
Street Fighter II (center bank does not register extra ball when lit, loop near bracelet does not register loops else plays fine, hoo ahhh! 5/14)
Superman (5 ball game, some lamps out, S target is a half-target)
Twin Win (Plays ok)
Wagon Train (10 cent game, plays ok)
X-men Pro (new game, $1 a game; 3 credit for $2 5/14)
Vendor: all games owned and repaired

Bear Creek Lanes 09/19/12
1232 S 21st Street
719 634 6719
Monster Bash (plays fine)
Vendor: ?

Chuck E. Cheese’s 5/03/10
5156 N. Academy Blvd
719 266 5933
Nascar (garage does not award-takes ball search to find – allows one to rape game in multiball mode if get two of three balls in there, car never lowers, ball does not loop very fast causing it to fall back on the right side to a drain at times- also suspect area is warped or plunger may not line square on ball as hard plunger shots sometimes don’t make the complete loop either. Otherwise all features work fine. LED sign up on top looks like ticket for high score but not connected into to game.)
Vendor: self-owned and serviced

Chuck E. Cheese’s 3/02/14
2925 Geyser Drive
719 576 2115
Pirates of the Caribbean (suprisingly in good shape; with two balls in spinning disk, third ball was not released so played tortuga with two balls only. Another time timed lock was lit but would not start. Parlay hole does not register. A stuck switch occasionally with heart chest else plays fine)
Vendor: Self-owned and serviced

Classic Bowl 03/02/14
1867 N Circle Drive
719 632-4636
Revenge From Mars (plays fine)
Star Trek, the Next Generation (left turret moving slow, nasty sounding circular rail else plays fine)
Vendor: ?

Embassy Suites 05/18/12
7290 Commerce Center Dr
719 599 9100
Medieval Madness (Plays and looks great. No door on game room so be mindful if you play this game late at night or in early morning)
Vendor: ?, always seems to keep this places pin in good repair

Fargo’s Pizza 03/02/14
2910 E Platte
Transformers (very dirty, 75 cents, no super skill shot or turned off (to right of upper rollovers) else fine, located up front in full retro arcade)

Gunther Toody’s 5/18/12
5794 Palmer Park Blvd (at Powers)
719 570 1952
Harley Davidson (RIDE targets do not come up, DMD says TOO MANY BALLS, Harley MB starts without releasing four balls, game can release two balls into launcher, next city light out, else all features work. Strict tilt. These were the same problems when I two years ago. :( )
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim)

Gunther Toody’s 05/18/12
5490 E Woodmen Rd (at Powers)
719 548 1955
The Simpsons Pinball Party (comic book guy target (for skill shot or start hurryup) hasn’t never registered, tough game as ball save turned off and wide open outlanes else all works)
Vendor: M&M Vending (Tim)

Harmony Bowl 03/02/14
3845 North Academy Blvd
Ripley’s Believe it or Not (plays fine)

Overtime Sports Bar & Grill 05/18/12
2809 Dublin Boulevard
719 531-6032
Star Trek, The Next Generation (plays and looks fine)
Vendor: B & W Vending

Thunder and Buttons sports bar 05/18/12
2415 W Colorado Ave
Sopranos (weak flippers at time, dirty, upstairs after 6pm, 5 ball, plays well)

Tinseltown 03/02/14
1545 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.
(719) 576-0593
Mettalica (tokens, in game room off of lobby, no movie ticket purchase required, condition nice and plays well)
Vendor: ?

Yukon Rock n Roll Tavern 03/02/14
525 S Circle Dr
719 375-0769
High Roller (turned off)
NBA FastBreak(plays and looks great, german-voiced background fans)
Vendor: ? but always had well maintained pins there. They used to have others but vendor has been selling (has had Funhouse, TZ, Bad Cats, World Cup Soccer, South Park, in the past) Encourage them to keep pinball there.

Cripple Creek
Ralf’s Break Room 10/02/12
411 East Bennett Avenue
Star Wars Episode I (condition unknown)

Lakeside Bowl 07/18/14
135 Main St
Simpsons Pinball Party (condition unknown)
Vendor: Same as Ollie’s and Moosejaw in Frisco

Hard Rock Cafe 07/17/10
18 East Park Avenue
303 569-2618‎ ph disc.
Cherry Bell (great, 5-ball, 1 quarter). Original Hard Rock Cafe, not the chain.
Vendor: maintained by Flipper McGills owner in Idaho Springs

Estes Park
Bob & Tony’s Pizza 07/03/14
124 W Elkhorn Ave
970 586-2044
Theater of Magic (flippers dead, out of order, very dirty else playable)
Vendor: Game Changer Amusements

Estes Park Brewery 10/13/13
470 Prospect Village Drive
970 586 5421
Monopoly (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

Estes Park Recreation Center/Chippers Lanes 12/15/12
555 South Saint Vrain Ave
970 586 8625
X-Files (condition unknown)

Lonigans 05/26/14
110 W Elkhorn Ave
970 586 4346
Getaway, High Speed II (plays fine)

Village Pizza 07/03/14
543 Big Thompson Ave
970 586-6031‎
Black Rose (condition unknown)
Indianapolis 500 (condition unknown)
Star Trek (Stern)
Vendor: ?

Wheel Bar 05/26/14
132 E Elkhorn Ave
970 586 9381
Hook(condition unknown)
Vendor: Game Changer Amusements

There is at least one mini-golf/go cart place (believe on Hwy 34 east of town) that advertises that they have pinball. Might only have summer hours. Let me know if you go there.

Fairplay 10/19/2013
South Park Bowl
123 Frontage Road
Pirates of the Caribbean (50 cents)
Indiana Jones (75 cents)

Fort Collins
Chipper’s Lanes 05/15/14
830 N College Avenue
970 484-4777
Champion Pub (lock mechanism with rollover needs work as game can lose track of ball)
Dr Who (time expander switch closed as keeps registering hits else fine
Lord of the Rings (can’t sword lock, game is lower than normal else plays fine)
Shadow, The (can’t enter sanctum as drop target keep resetting)
Tron (plays fine, LEDs)
Pinball tournaments once a month on a Sunday, call for details.

Chipper’s Lanes at Horsetooth 05/15/14
217 West Horsetooth Road
970 226-6327
Champion Pub (mick, my right hand is busted on the speed bag else fine)
WhoDunnit (sewer (pack of rats) or jackpot does not register, roof mb does not seem to register lit shots but then phone will light on its own for you to finish)
World Cup Soccer (plays fine)

Cinemark 05/14/14
4721 South Timberline Road
Metallica (pro)

Fort Fun 05/14/14
1513 E Mulberry Street
970 472 8000
Monopoly (condition unknown, 50 cents, poor repair record)
Must buy card and purchase credits
Vendor: ?

Island Grill 05/15/14
2601 South Lemay Avenue
970 266-0124
Road Show (red switch closed as she keep registering hits, ted crane will not lift after second ball lock but Bob’s registered the Mmph)
X-men (50 cent, plays fine)

Laundry Basket Laundromat & Tanning 5/14/14
925 South Taft Hill Road
970 484 4980
Fish Tales (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

Celestino’s 05/16/14
306 West Laurel Street
Tales of the Arabian Knights
Vendor: Pinball Jones

Pinball Jones 11/24/13
107 Linden Street, basement suite
Open Wednesday-Sun (W-F at 5,5,4pm, Sat 11am, Sun Noon). Monthly pinball tournament, third Wednesday of every month,, 7pm. One note on said they were closed on a Sunday but I was there on this date and they were open. All games are great! They have a multicade and cocktail mrs. pacman too. There may be a glitch or two on a few of the games but Kim is very receptive and is usually fixing the game in real-time.
Phone Number 970-443-3699
Batman, The Dark Knight
Black Hole
Circus Voltaire
Demolition Man
Evil Knievel
Haunted House
Indiana Jones
Lord of the Rings
Scared Stiff
Star Trek (Stern)
Addams Family, The
Transformers LE
Twilight Zone
Wizard of Oz

Ryan’s Sports Grill 05/15/14
925 E. Harmony Road
Mustang (brand new $1)
Star Trek (Stern, updated ROM, $1)

Sandford’s Grub and Pub 05/15/14
1526 Oakridge Dr
(970) 206 0400
Avengers (some lights)

Surfside 7 05/15/14
150 N College Avenue
970 221-4281
Harley Davidson (next city light out, RIDE targets do not reset, otherwise worn but plays and looks fine)
Vendor: ?

Tap and Handle 05/15/14
307 S. College Ave
970 484-1116
Evil Knievel
Fish Tales
Starship Troopers
Terminator 2
Transformers LE
Vendor: Pinball Jones

Trail Head Tavern 05/15/14
148 W Mountain Avenue
970 221-5757
Sopranos (being repaired)
Vendor: Pinball Jones

Village Vidiot 05/14/14 (video store)
1220 W. Elizabeth St
970 482-2742
Starship Troopers (recently shopped)
Vendor: ?

Washington’s Bar & Grill 05/15/14
132 Laporte Avenue
970 484-3989
Batman (Data East, upstairs, condition unknown)
Simpsons Pinball Party (TV does not register, upper right main flipper very weak)
A couple plastic tip dart machines!
Vendor: ?

Moosejaw 07/18/14
208 Main St.
Pirates of the Caribbean (condition unknown)
Vendor: Same as Ollie’s & Lakeside Bowl in Dillon

Ollie’s Pub and Grub 07/18/14
620 Main Street
970 668-0744
Attack from Mars (game has pinballs missing and would not play a ball)
Vendor: Same as Moosejaw, Lakeside Bowl in Dillon

Mother’s Saloon 06/18/10
601 14th Street
303 569-2080‎
Hurricane (maintained by Flipper McGills owner in Idaho Springs)
Vendor: Owner of Flipper McGills

Buffalo Rose Saloon 10/19/13
1119 Washington Avenue
303 278-6800
AC/DC (condition unknown)
Big Buck Hunter (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

Rock Restaurant Lounge 06/27/13
16005 Mount Vernon Road
303 216-2895‎
Avengers (center posts do not raise when lock lit so ball is not captured and thus no multiball through that game; credit mech is messed up – vendor has credit placard sitting in area of circular right ramp and with no credits on the game, quarters only registered a fifth of a credit yet when I won two games and the owner put another quarter in, it registered two more credits.)
Vendor: ?

Tech World 05/10/12
Colorado Mills Mall
14500 W Colfax Avenue # 100
303 384-3000 (main mall number, Tech World does not have a direct number)
Now only one store in mall open the public (near Chilis in section 3); other store is their storage area.
Batman, The Dark Knight (fast shot into joker area can deflect the ball back out else fine)
Lethal Weapon 3 (seems ok but I did not get to try the kicker as the kickback has not worked previously)
Spider-Man (not level, hard shots at Doc Ock blast back at you instead of sitting in hole (particularly when you are trying to light Bank at the Doc- won’t sit in hole except for soft shots else fine)
Vendor: Universal Sales (Todd T.)

Blackjack Pizza 04/13/12
6560 Lookout Road
303 530-2600
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (looks and plays great. Vendor resets grand champ score now and then.)
Vendor: ?

Mad Munchies 7/17/10
420 E Agate Ave
970 887 2691 ph disconnected
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (DMD is almost gone so you can’t see the opening award shot nor video mode, no power surge with bumper hits on DMD-instead Effect 31 display – does code need update? Else all features work fine)
Vendor: ?

Grand Junction
Chuck E. Cheese’s 3/31/10
2424 US Hwy. 6 and 50
970 241 2851
Roller Coaster Tycoon (repaired, condition unknown)
Vendor: Self-owned and serviced

Old Chicago 05/03/12
120 North Avenue
970 244-8383
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (condition unknown)

Orchard Mesa Lanes 11/13/13
295 27 Road
970 242-9297
Monopoly( still there, Plays decent, a little rough around the edges)
Vendor: ?

Grand Lake
Grand Lake Lanes 7/17/10
824 Grand Avenue
970 627-3373‎
Pirates of the Caribbean (sometimes shots into the chest award multiball without completing HEART, seems to release extra balls into launcher at other times, auto-launcher dead during multiballs, dirty, else seems to play fine)
Vendor: ?

Pier Arcade 07/17/10
need address and phone (down on water in downtown Grand Lake)
summer hours only (memorial day through end of Sept); last summer had:
Austin Powers (fire on frickin’ laser does not launch ball – needs ball search to release, game needs to be leveled, don’t know if tilt is off but it is too liberal in my opinion, plastic in left outlane makes ball stick there, otherwise everything else works)
Family Guy (no stewie pinball,game needs to be leveled, don’t know if tilt is off but it is too liberal in my opinion, otherwise everything else works )
Vendor: Owned locally and serviced

Cinemark Theaters 05/15/14
2160 Greeley Mall
970 353 4361
Game may be pulled. Need verification. Below is former data:
Pirates of the Caribbean (PARLAY hole does not award letters, tokens only, plays and looks fine, outrageous grand champ score 3B+ tells me something was amiss at a time. Tortuga disk lit all lights on first two attempts and I was about to write this up but then it went back to normal)
Vendor: ?

Classic Lanes 12/15/12
2454 8th Ave
970 353 4275
AC/DC (condition unknown)
Attack From Mars (condition unknown)
Congo (GRAY letters out on playfield and ball got stuck for me on Amy’s hand once -fortunately could lift game up to dislodge. Else plays and looks great. Big white ball down below.)
Elvis (plays fine LEDs)
World Poker Tour

Syntax Sports 06/04/12
625 3rd St. Unit C
(21 and older, located in industrial park, open w-sun after 4pm :( )
Fish Tales(great)
White Water (LED upgraded, beautiful)
Vendor: ?

Idaho Springs
Flipper McGill’s Pinball Parlour 11/24/13
1600 Miner Street
Need new phone number and hours of operation 303 567 2235
Former website:
Cherry Bell
Cue Ball Wiz
Eight Ball Champ
Medieval Madness
Metallica LE
Monster Bash
North Star
Phantom of the opera (down waiting for parts)
Simpsons Pinball Party
Space Shuttle
Star Trek (Stern)
Tales from the Crypt
Target Alpha
Time Machine
Tron Legacy
Wizard of Oz

Vendor: Games personally owned and serviced.

Coal Creek Bowling Center 04/10/12
550 W South Boulder Rd
(303) 673-0772
Star Wars Episode I (always leary of a place where all games are shut off and a big sign that says play games at your own risk, no refunds! This is for good reason but it is a shame as it looks like an arcade warehouse with all the old games like Pengo. R2 rollover not register so no skill shot or extra ball, lots of lights out on playfield (e.g. JEDI), red light on monitor is out, backlight is out else seems to play fair)
Vendor: Todd T. from Golden

Dillinger’s Food and Spirits
1202 Centaur Village Dr
AC/DC (pro)

Odd13 Brewing 11/13/14
301 E Simpson St
Transformers (Plays great)

Strikes N Spares Bowling Center 05/30/14
1717 Poplar
719 486-8905
Place CLOSED and owner likely will not open. Owner: John Balogh See website for list of games for sale. He has sold a number of pins to Steve (owner of Tilt in Louisville)

Abo’s Pizza 01/14/14
1834 Main Street
303 678 0111
Whirlwind (needs lots of work, ramp not longer lowers which makes ball go to hole but lock not recorded. When lock was working, lock rollovers need lots of persuasion to register a lock else the plunger kicks ball out of area, upper flip half power-can’t make ramp)

ChuBurger 12/19/14
BreakShot (reg. maintained)
1225 Ken Pratt Boulevard
Vendor: LCP

Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids & Solids 12/25/14
1555 South Hover Street
Longmont, CO 80501
Open 11am to Close, All Week
Elvis (regularly maintained)
Sharkey’s Shootout (reg. maintained)
Star Wars Episode I (ball not allowed to go into center hole for start of minigame but starts minigame anyway so the ball is in play quicker during a minigame and thus can drain before minigame gets starts-been this way for a long time, lightsabre multiball starts with hit at center and it takes a while for the other two ball to be released to launcher else fine, maintained by Lyons Classic Pinball)
Vendor: Lyons Classic Pinball

Pumphouse Brewery & Red Zone Sports Bar 01/14/14
540 Main St.
303 702 0881
Simpsons Pinball Party (game not taking quarters in coin mechs)
Open at 4pm (Red Zone) on weekdays but can talk to manager to play after 11am on these days)
Vendor: Harold ?

Rosalee’s Pizzeria 12/19/14
Hook (reg. maintained)
Rollercoaster Tycoon (reg. maintained)
Vendor: LCP

Abo’s Pizza 08/26/12
1355 E South Boulder Rd Ste C2
Pirates of the Caribbean (looks and plays great)
773M: Tim
Vendor: ?

Henry’s Bar & Grill 11/29/13
935 Pine Street
Dirty Harry (right lower flipper can get the jitters with play else great; nice LEDs)
Vendor: Mile High Arcade

Tilt 05/28/14
544 County Road
Thursday – 4pm-10pm Friday – 4pm-10pm Saturday – 12pm-10pm Sunday – 1pm-6pm
Tournaments and leagues starting in the summer
Demolition Man
Dirty Harry
Dr. Who
Flinstones, The
Gilligan’s Island
Indy 500
Mustang Pro
Party Zone
Space Jam
Star Trek Pro
Strikes and Spares
Terminator 2

Island Grill 01/14/14
110 East 29th Street
970 685 4498
Spider-Man (left ramp to venom not registering, bac cabinet light out else plays fine)
South Park (toilet does not open but kyle, mb will start, and super jackpot will award)

Loveland Laser Tag 05/14/14
401 Denver Ave
Fire Champaign Edition
Star Wars (Data East)

Loveland Laudromat 05/25/14
266 E 29th st
Pirates of the Caribbean (condition unknown)
vendor: ?

Sports Station 05/29/14
409 N Railroad Ave
Lord of the Rings (condition unknown)
Vendor: formerly JE&S

SweetHeart Lanes 01/14/14
2320 N. Lincoln Ave.
Simpsons Pinball Party (not releasing balls into launcher)
White Water (Insanity Falls won’t make over first hill, multi-millions does not always seem to award else seems ok)

Lyons (Northwest of Denver and Boulder)
Lyons Classic Pinball
339 Main Street
(303) 823-6100 Celebrating their 11th flippin’ year in business!
Monthly tournament 3rd Th of every month. WPPR points. Over 35 well-maintained machines from the 60’s through today. Pinball league (10-week) on non-tournament THs. Probably the best place to play in CO if you want the largest number of best kept machines including many of the classics. However because of this, they attract the best players in CO and from other states. Great place to go play by yourself or with friends. The only downside is that they are only open in the late afternoon to evening TH-Sun but can open on other days for bday parties. They have a game room with 3-4 pins plus other vintage video games at Oskar Blues which opens at 11am daily around the corner. The high scores on all their machines are reset every August.
Vendor: All games owned and self-serviced

Lyons Classic Video (at Oskar Blues) 05/14/14
(next door to Lyons Classic Pinball)
303 Main Street
303 823-6685
Elvira and the Party Monsters (all great shape)
South Park
Whirlwind (Hey cracky!)
Xmen (not LCPs game, different vendor)
for information
Vendor: Lyons Classic Pinball

Morrison Holiday Bar 05/15/12
403 Bear Creek Avenue
303 697-5658
Sopranos (left sling may be dead, $.50/game. Difficult to plunge hard enough for Super Skill Shot. Not a “touchy” machine, but it’s set to 1 tilt warning . Set to a kinda fast angle, allows for “easy” “quickie bonus” on the Stugots boat shot.)
Vendor: Todd T.

Morrison Inn 05/15/12
301 Bear Creek Ave
303 697 6650
Addams Family, The (faults when both flippers are pressed at same time)
South Park (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

A Very Nice Brewery 11/13/14
20 Lakeview Drive
Avengers LE (reg maintained)
Torch (reg maintained)

Backcountry Pizza 01/25/12
20 E Lake View Dr # 212
303 258-0176‎
Rolling Stones(sweet)
Vendor: The 119 Route

Pioneer Inn 07/25/14
15 E 1st Street
Sopranos(regularly maintained, tournament last Tues every month $5 at 7pm)
Vendor: The 119 Route?
Tournament last tuesday of every month

New Castle
Elk Creek Mining Co 05/03/12
502 West Main Street
970 984-0828‎
Guns and Roses (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

Hogback Pizza 11/13/13
457 West Main Street
970 984-3435
Creature From The Black Lagoon(8/10: Plays Good — No Tilt Warnings (Somewhat Touchy))
Scared Stiff (5/10:reg maintained)
South Park (5/10: reg maintained)
White Water
M-Sat 11-9
Vendor: owner or friend of owner

Pagosa Springs 05/03/12
Bear Creek Saloon
475 Lewis Street
970 264-5611
Medieval Madness (condition unknown)
Simpsons Pinball Party, The (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

Stage Stop Inn 04/01/11
60 S Main St
Fish Tales (regularly maintained)
Vendor: The 119 Route. More pins and tournament coming Summer 2011.

Chuck E Cheese’s 02/14/12
305 Marshall Road
720 304 3107
Nascar (needs work – cannot lock second ball by pit lane or left loop, right ramp does not register miles, scanner was registering on it own, game leans left, car stays up, auto-launch weak, 1 token)
Vendor: Self owned and serviced

Vail Transportation Center 05/03/13
241 S Frontage Rd E # 4
Indiana Jones (maintained)
Hours – Center is open mostly 24/7
Vendor – Alpine Vending

Vail Run 05/07/11
1000 Lionsridge Loop
970 476-1500
Tee’d Off (Condition – Fair, Cost – 50 cents)
Hours – 8 AM – 10 PM (varies based on season)
Vendor – Alpine Vending

Vail Pinball Association 05/07/11
Various Gottlieb EMs (Conditon – Fair to Prestine, Cost – Donations given to local Search and Rescue.)
Hours – Dec 1st to Apr 1, Wed 6 PM – 9 PM tournaments open to guests of the social club.
Contact – email: web: for details.
Vendor – Vail Pinball Assoc, a private social club

Winter Park
Winter Parcade 7/17/10
in villiage shopping commons near Vintage Hotel
Lost in Space (game keeps releasing balls into play, dirty otherwise things seem to work)
Simpons, The (Ball into top left saucer not recognized-needs ball search to find, right bank target do not reset during a ball, left bowling target sticks, right sling dead, right flipper is too weak to make ramp shot else seems ok)
Vendor: ? (looks like self serviced although shop wasnt manned when I was there)

Smokin Mo’s Ribhouse 05/03/12
65 Cooper Creek Way
970 726 4600
Big Buck Hunter (condition unknown)
Vendor: ?

The Vintage Hotel 7/17/10
100 Winter Park Drive
970 726-8801‎
Attack From Mars (sound off (likely due to near rooms), right flipper needs new spring, won’t retract on own, ball can stick on right return, game had same conditions on my visit 07/09.)
Vendor : ?
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Alphabetical listing by machine of above information: This website now contains a map with GPS balloon markers. Cool!

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2 Responses to “Colorado Pinball Locations”

  1. Teddy wall Says:

    Private club bowling alley has Adams family that plays great Donovans machine also one EM machine darling plays great no issues at all

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